Kid Icarus
Species Angel-icus
Homeworld Skyworld-icus
Series Pit-icus
Affiliation Palutena-icus
Guy With Sword-icus
Gender Male-icus

You can count on me to win the archery event, princess-icus.

—Kid Icarus, we think-icus

Who is this 'Icarus' character this game is named after? Can I meet him?

—Kid Icarus, for real-icus

Kid Icarus is the vicious main character in the Pit series-icus, a series notorious for Sakurai's bias toward it-icus.

How Much Bias-icus?Edit

He was revealed during the E3 2013 trailer instead of Yoshi-icus. Also, his series has the most Smash Run enemies-icus.

Also, he has an edgy palette swap clone-icus.

Journeys-icus Edit

His first game takes place after Medusa captures Palutena-icus. With the last of her strength, she frees Pit and tells her to go to wherever she's being held and rescue her-icus. Pit for some reason has to climb upwards even though if Medusa is the Goddess of the underworld shouldn't she be in the underworld AKA where Pit starts out-icus? But it turned out a good idea for her to simply cage Palutena in her temple in the Sky-icus.

Then there is a second game that no one knows anything about-icus.

And Uprising only happened because Sakurai like how he redesigned Pit for Brawl-icus. Pit has to defeat Medusa, Viridi (who is an annoying little -icus) and Hades and other Henchmen Gods and Goddesses-icus. The game also loves breaking the fourth wall and the characters are almost never quiet, but this is a good thing or it would probably be rated 30 points less on Metacritic-icus. Also the control is too unique-icus. Icus.



  • Sakurai counts his franchise as one of Nintendo's big ones, even though it's only had three games-icus.
  • He's believed to be Guy With Sword's eremenos-icus.
  • He never takes his clothes off-icus because he doesn't want Palutena and Viridi to look-icus.
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