Registered On July 4, 2013
Karma Level 32: Legend
Current Status Active
Gender Male
Nicknames and Alts None

KillerKremling is a common user of SmashFAQS. One of the most loyal King K. Rool supporter, he is willing to fight anybody for the honour of his King.

Smash BoardsEdit

As a big fan of Smas bros. KillerKremling comes to the boards very often and can be regularly seen on the boards. He has hosted two semi short lived shows including Linebeck Vs. The World and Pick a Side! He is also the leading member of the Underground group, the Kremling King Krew. Which he kinda sorta gave up on. He then created the Ludwig Legion, which he sorta gave up on...


KillerKremling while often debates seriously on many topics he also tends to be a very silly sausage too. He gets very fueled up by K. Rool haters and will be willing to fight or troll any of them. He spends most of his time thinking critically and flaunting his good looks. He hates about 15% of the users he comes across and loves about 40%. The rest are all neutral with him.


  • He was voted "Sexiest GameFAQS User of the Year" in 2012
  • Once fought a shark, and won
  • He saw King K Rool in person once.
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