Meh Design
Species Cerinian
Homeworld Cerinia
Series Star Fox
Affiliation The Decline of the Series
Furry Nation
Star Fox
Star Wolf
Gender Female



Krystal as of Star Fox Zero.

Krystal is a character from the Star Fox games that most Star Fox fans want to be a playable character in Super Smash for 3DS and Wii U.

Krystal is a ty fox from some planet who went to visit the planet Sauria, where there's dinosaurs and a rockbiter and . She was kidnapped by some aligator named General Scales who wanted to conquer Sauri-oh wait, no, it was actually Andross. Anyway, Krystal became Fox's cringey love interest as the game went on. Seriously, there's even an ophone when Fox first sees Krystal trapped in a crystal. She was also wearing a bra and loin cloth for the duration of the game. In other words, someone at Rare thought that a fox was y. Or foxy. Sorry, I couldn't resist that one. So in the end, Fox and Krystal save Sauria and they fall in love and .

In Star Fox Assault, Krystal replaced the beloved and extremely memorable Peppy Hare as the fourth pilot of the Star Fox team. Anyhoo, Krystal helps Fox, Falco, and Slippy fight the Aparoids. Also, at one point, she makes Fox and co. go back to Sauria because a couple Aparoids were being jerks, letting the other Aparoids take over Corneria and control General Pepper. He still lives, though. Also, Wolf hired a new guy called Panther, he's a panther, I you not, who falls in love with Krystal. So there's that.

After all of that, some fish from Venom attack and stuff. But more importantly, Krystal was upset because Fox didn't want her in the line of fire! So she joined the Star Wolf and stuff. Eventually, though, Star Fox killed the fish guys.

This is where gets complicated. There's a bajillion endings, and I'm tired, so I'm not talking about them. Okay? Okay.

Why Should We Even Consider Her?Edit


Krystal, discussing a potential Smash appearance with one of her supporters

Other reasons people want her in are for more female characters, and more staff users, as staffs are a horribly underrepresented minority.

So what? Edit

As seen in Fox's preview video on the Smash Bros. Ultimate website, she's in! an Assist Trophy. In her Adventures design.

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