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Registered On November 21, 2012
Karma Level 33: Elite
Current Status Purgatory
Gender Male
Nicknames and Alts HandsomeZack

lastoutlaw113 was an active member of the GameFAQs SSB4 community.

Smash Boards[]

lastoutlaw113 strongly supports the return of Solid Snake, and doesn't have any particular most-wanted newcomer. He can usually be seen posting pointless polls in the middle of the night. While he once would desperately attempt to convince people Snake has a chance to be in SSB4, he's given up seeing as most GameFAQs users simply ignore evidence towards a character's inclusion if they don't want to believe it. This being said, it's not at all uncommon to see a post from him in topics related to Snake.

July 8, 2014[]

As all of the "Goddess" accounts were being created, lastoutlaw113 posted a fairly harmless topic with one of his unknown alts. The topic didn't severely violate the ToS, however the mods removed the topic, banning every one of lastoutlaw113's alts and putting his main account into purgatory in yet another display of misuse of power and idiocy from the mods.


lastoutlaw113 doesn't have a major relationship with any single GameFAQs member, however he tends to like Snake supporters and dislike Snake's haters, with very few exceptions.