{{Quotebox |Text = Dear Masahiro Sakurai,

Hi sir, I'm a big fan of your work in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The game is awesome! I just have a little request for the Fighter Pass thing. I hope I'm not a bother asking you this but, I'm a big fan of the game "Kingdom Hearts," alongside Smash. I was just wondering if you could consider yourself, and your workers who helped make Smash Ultimate a masterpiece, bringing Sora to be the last DLC fighter in the Fighter Pass. Now I'm aware of Terry being the 4th DLC fighter in the Fighter Pass but to me, Sora would be a perfect as a SSB fighter. I mean, you made a couple of Kingdom Hearts games for the DS. It would be an absolute dream come true for me to play as him in Smash. Thank you so much for your time Mr. Sakurai. I hope there's still time for to think about my request. If not, I'm totally cool with that. Absolutely understandable.


Logan RPG7

Letters to Sakurai are letters that the board decides to write to Masahiro Sakurai every once in a while.

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