LordCarlisle is a member of the Smash Boards, in case you've been living under a rock (or have a life).

Why should I love LordCarlisle?Edit

Because he is a saint who gives all of his wealth and time to the sick, poor and homeless.

Why make a seperate page for this?Edit

Because I, the anone who created this page, f***ing said so.

Should LordCarlisle close his account?Edit

Various Smash Board losers such as DeZAfag, keeps pushing for LordCarlisle to close his account, but LordCarlisle is no pushover. He is a strong hearted individual who will not take from his haters.

LordCarlisle should be the last person to close his account and if you think overwise, close your account.

And then he actually did.

But now he's back as Lord_Carlisle.

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