Species Hocotation
Homeworld Planet Hocotate
Series Pikmin
Affiliation Hocotate Freight
Gender Male



Louie is the dueteragonist of the Pikmin series, isting Olimar throughout the game and being the "damsel in distress" during the second half.


Louie has a chance to be in as Lucina has proved that complete clones can happen.

And then Alph got in as a costume while Louie got in as... a trophy. Hey, at least Louie stil has the potential to be unique...


Warnin, spoilers fool

Louie, according to The Ship, was in control of the Titan Dweevil at the end of Pikmin 2. But Olimar says that this is impossible. The situation is foreshadowing my emails from Louie's grandmother, who said that he always enjoyed playing with bugs.

Louie also kidnapped the entire juice supply of the Koppaian Captains plus a rubber ducky. This caused Brittany to hate him. They were then forced to tie him up so he could not make off with the food again.


Energyman and Pat were in a Skype call. Pat was drawing a picture of Louie on Miiverse. He asked for a tagline idea because he couldn't think of one, and Energyman replied with the best tagline ever.

"Louie drops in!"

So original. So creative. Fits his character perfectly. Pat died seven times hearing this tagline because it was so good.

Remember to accept Louie as your Lord of Dropping.

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