Species Luigi
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Series Luigi
Affiliation Luigi
Gender Luigi

I'm-a Luigi, Number 1!


Sexy luigi by emeraldwolfs12-d5ecdud

Luigi is too sexy for you.

That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario. *wheeze*

—Yoshi's single, adoptive mother Luigi (after being referred to as simply 'Luigi' by his brother Mario)

I'm a straight male, but damn Luigi is hot.

—Some Guy

Luigi is the best and most sexy guy ever. Luigi is the savior of the Mushroom Kingdom and is universally loved by all. Everyone also wants to be him and fuck him.

Luigi has a older twin brother, Mario, but he's less popular and not as loved. A lot of people sometimes call him "Luigi Rojo" by mistake, compared to the very few people that call Luigi "Mario Verde". He also responds to the name Mr. L. Though, calling him that may lead to severe pain in your anus.

Mario is casually mistaken to be a short red Luigi, understandably because Luigi's so much more popular and cooler.

Official LuigiEdit

As weird as this whole page is, it's worth noting the board has an official Luigi. Ryoukai claimed the title of official Luigi a long, long time ago. He settled for Luigi because Captain Falcon was already taken.

Luigi's AssEdit

Luigi has got that Italian booty that makes everyone get wet the instant they see it. His ass is also frequently used in the Smash Bros. series.


Mama LuigiEdit

That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario! *wheeze*

—Mama Luigi

Mama Luigi is the form that Luigi took during the Coney Island Disco Palace incident, wherein Yoshi was first discovered as a baby. Mama Luigi has an usual penchant for wheezing, bagels, and magic balloons. He also has a rather dry sense of humor.

Gay LuigiEdit

And YOU gotta help us!

—Gay Luigi

Gay Luigi is Fat Mario's brother of vague sexual orientation from Hotel Mario. He's obsessed with spaghetti, even more than the regular Mario Bros., and is also even more of a coward than the canon Luigi. According to Uncyclopedia, Gay Luigi is actually a female, furry Satanic abomination taking the form of Luigi.




Weegee is a cosmic horror originating in Mario is Missing. Weegee is able to stare into a being's soul and transmit the extremely contagious Weegee virus. Weegee was such an unspeakably horrific being that its mere presence in Mario is Missing caused the game to flop and prevented Luigi from having a starring role until 2001.

Don't worry though! When Weegee gets his hands around you, you wont feel a thing!

b e c a u s e y o u ' l l b e d e a d


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  • Luigi has a whole year dedicated to him.
  • He thinks it is a cow when he sees a animal with spots, an animal that has a color of black, white, or both colors, or also a animal that has four legs.
  • He really doesn’t like to be called “Green Mario”.
  • He got fucking murdered by Death itself.
    He's fucking dead

    He's fucking dead.