Mario and Luigi Mario
Mario and Luigi Mario Smash
Species Human
Homeworld Mushroom Kingdom
Series Mario and Luigi
Affiliation Good
Gender Male
Mario and Luigi Mario is the main character of the Mario and Luigi series, and he's seen as a viable choice to rep the ever-popular Mario and Luigi series. 

Why Mario and Luigi Mario?Edit

Because he can be just as unique as Paper Mario, and if a second Mario is seen as a viable rep for the Mario series, Mario and Luigi Mario should be considered as well.

What Could He Do?Edit

He has a ton of potential to differentiate him from both Mario and Paper Mario. He could use the Bros. moves, the items, and his ever-expanding arsenal. Admittedly, he'd work even better in an Ice Climbers-style tag team with Mario and Luigi Luigi, but we're not picky. He can still do a ton of stuff alone.


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  • His support was started exclusively by kidmf935, who was tired of seeing Paper Mario as a moderately popular Mario newcomer choice when there were still other Mario characters who weren't Mario who could join the battle. This, however, became a (mostly) moot point when Paper Jam revealed that Paper Mario is, in fact, an entirely separate character from Mario.
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