Species Blue-Haired Swordsman
Homeworld Altea, Akaneia
Series Fire Emblem
Affiliation Princess
Gender Uh...

Marth is the mascot and the main character of the Fire Emblem series.

Marth is the King of Altea, on the continent of Akaneia. No, he isn't a girl, before you ask. In fact, he's one of the only characters represented in Smash to have gotten laid. He has a fairly hot wife, too. Although most people agree that he should have ended up with Tiki.

Marth in Fire EmblemEdit

Marth is a special snowflake who had two games dedicated to him, Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light, and Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. Even more than that, both games were remade, meaning that Marth stars in FOUR games in total! That's a big deal in a franchise where you're lucky to star in one, by the way.

In both games and their respective remakes, Marth leads a ragtag army of soldiers, hot chicks, bandits, children, and old men in order to defeat the evil Sorcerer Gharnef, and the Dark Dragon Medeus. Most of his companions are lucky to have more than a one-sided conversation with Marth, in that that do all of the talking whilst he just listens. Marth is a snob who only opens his mouth for certain individuals, you see. The plebians don't get such luxuries.

Marth is a blue-haired swordsman. He has blue-hair. He uses a sword. He stabs things. If he dies, you get a game over. That is all there is to Marth gameplay wise. Oh, and for some reason he is the only unit who can visit villages in his games. And he only knows Japanese.  But somehow, despite finally being released in the west, he only knows Japanese, but Lucas, who has never been out of Japan, doesn't. No, we don't know either. Let's blame it on the bias.


  • He is a Princess. Don't question it.
  • In English he is voiced by a kike. (Who needs to be gassed)
  • He was voted prettiest princess of 2012.
  • He is more feminine than Lucina.
  • In Roy's Roster Quest, he has a crush on Ike. Which is too bad for him since Ike is already taken.

Marth demonstrates his freakishly long arm-span on Yoshi.

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