"Pic of the day. Treasure found!"

Not to long after E3 2013, Sakurai posted a controversial picture of a purple Pikmin getting head from an unconscious Mega Man. The caption for the picture said "Pic of the day. Treasure found!" This was taken differently in the eyes of us gamers, seeing it as Mega Man's nuts being "treasure."

Origin of the purple PikminEdit

Some have claimed that the purple Pikmin may be related to Barney the dinosaur for many convincing reasons.

  • They're both purple. No ing .
  • They have both been seen molesting youth, although the purple Pikmin has yet to be arrested.
  • They both have ing demented faces. They both look like someone dropped a turd in a blender.
  • Although it's just speculation, the purple Pikmin may in fact be Barney's shlong severed off of his body. This does have evidence to back it up, as they are both .5 inches long and have pink tips.
  • They Have a Secret Dick

What do Mega Man's Nuts look like?Edit


Artist's depiction of Mega Man's nuts.

The purple Pikmin who supposedly ripped off his nuts is not saying anything about what they look like, but the purple Pikmin is giving hints to us that the nuts are likely to be of different sizes or are both small. Here is an artist's depiction.
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