Species Human

Homeworld Greece
Series Disney
Affiliation Greek Gods
Gender Female

Megara. My friends call me Meg, at least they would if I had any friends.

—Meg introducing herself to Hercules.

Megara is a wanted newcomer for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. She usually goes by the name Meg. She was one of the main stars of the movie Hercules, overshowing the two other main characters, Pain and Panic.

Who is Megara?Edit

Megara, or Meg, is a free-spirited, independent grown woman. She stay strong and be quick-witted, but also is quite negative due to her bae leaving her in the past. She is also cynical and knows about that struggle, making her stand out from the typical hoe.

She know that men are trouble and be es, since her bae left her to go take care of some hoe he got pregnant.

Hades constantly ually hared her when she working, so she hates that loser. The other Hades also hared her before she killed him with a suitcase.

While Hercules was instantly thirsty the moment he saw her, far from falling for him on the spot, she thought he be fronting and ignored him. It was not until they had a one-night stand that she begins to want to the out of him.

Why Should Megara Even Be In Smash?Edit

Megara should be in Smash because she the realest out there. She doesn't take and is way better than the typical Disney heroines. She has also shown moveset potential when she beat the out of the other Hades with a suitcase.


Megara has sung the following songs:

  • I Won't Say I'm In Love (ft. The Muses)
  • I Can't Believe My Heart (ft. Hades)
  • The Man That I Love (ft. Zelda and Pit)
  • Can't Hold Me Back (ft. Lady Gaga and Beyoncé)
  • Boss Ass Bitch (ft. Aretha Franklin and Nicki Minaj)



  • Megara goes by the nickname Meg.
  • She used to be a cheerleader.
  • She is known for her unique appearance. She got a thick weave, a skinny waist, mad eyebrow game, and a more angular structure.
  • She differs in character from the original myth. No one cares about that ancient though.
  • She slays those basic hoes.
  • She was afraid of heights, but has since gotten over it since she killed the other Hades with a suitcase.
  • She does not like Ariel.

Megara SupportersEdit

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