Registered On May 12, 2007
Karma Level 33: Elite
Current Status Active
Gender Male
Nicknames and Alts Unknown

Mewtwo_soul is a veteran poster of GameFaqs who's been a frequent poster on many boards, including the Smash boards for Wii U. He is also a very serious poster who enjoys debates, arguments, and all kind of other discussion.


Mewtwo_soul is a very short tempered poster. Quick to argue, and very obsessive when either dragging out an argument or discussing anything.


Everyone: Mewtwo_soul has commented or argued with possibly every single poster on the Smash boards at one time or another. Even those who Mewtwo_soul considers friends may also end up in an argument with him frequently. There are too many people to list.


  • He is one of the oldest board veterans, having been on Game Faqs since the early years. (Despite the issue with his accounts date, this is due to losing another account a long time ago: Not an alt.)
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