On the night of August 3, Miko finally did it. She beat SM3DW's Champion Road (AKA Grandmaster Galaxy on steroids). It took her over 100 attempts but she finally did it with her trust pal Tanooki (Kitsune) Luigi. Luigi was left without a power up by the end though.


Proof of her Victory.

How did she do it? Edit

First, she was using the Leaf (tanooki) power-up and had an extra one stored.

She mastered the first two acts, then she had to get lucky with the wall jump and water spike section. Except it was mainly the water spike section since on her last run she could of just used the tanooki attack to get rid of the pointy shield ants permanently. Then, there was the laser boosters. She got about 3 out of the 5 unlock tokens until she went small. She then did a YOLO, grabbed the two tokens and made a run for it. She then got to rest, collect the stamp and get a gold flag.


How tired Luigi was after the run (so tired he mispronounced his name). The little luigi in the corner represents pain and the crying tanooki leaf represents the lost tanooki leaves and the lost lives. (this is her 'end of level' post)

Why Luigi? Edit

Because Mario is too average for this, Toad's jump sucks and his speed would lead to multiple deaths because running to fast, Peach because she's for noobs, and Rosalina is overused as and because Luigi is her fav character and she used him in every single level.

Can she do it for me? Edit

Unless you can supply plane tickets to wherever you live, no.

Trivia Edit

  • Pat heard her scream and cry over her many failed attempts via Skype
  • Pat was also there at the time of her victory
  • Matt was in the same boat but he was so sleepy that he didn't pay attention to anything she did.
  • Matt wasn't really in a boat.
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