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Oh and I'm still here, I been here since the beginning of time. You JUST pulled up to the plaza two damn seconds ago, with an illegal alien hidden in your trunk. A b**** gets banned and a b**** comes back. What about it?

—Morgan_von_veb, telling off Bellagio

A well-known ruthless troll who gets banned from SmashFAQs, but repeatedly creates new alt accounts to troll with. morgan will troll anyone in his way, he isn't biased and will show hate for everyone, especially the ones in his signature. He has toned it down as of late.


morgan_von_verb is a world-famous GameFAQs troll. They started the "Put names of users you don't like in your sig" trend. He also has many wannabes such as MorganEF. In a mere week of trolling the board without making any topics, morgan_von_veb became the most talked about SmashFAQs user.

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