I logged into my account today, which I had back on the 20th, to find that I was suddenly banned. I'm at a loss here, I've had that account for about 7 years.

Since I've been permabanned from GFAQs, this is the only place I have left to post this. Read it, or don't, but I'd like to get this off of my chest in the hopes that someone can lend me a hand.


I was a frequent board user for a very long time. And I mean, for the past 8 years I've been active on GameFAQs. I was a pretty harmless poster most of the time, and never had any moderated messages. I learned of this wiki, and even though I never posted here, it seemed like a fun enough place to hang around once in a while and read up on whatever craziness came about. And then, GoddessRosal1na happened.

The EventEdit

I'll say up front that I didn't care for the trolling, but otherwise was fairly indifferent towards that user. My resentment mainly comes from the result of his/her shenanigans. After getting banned multiple times, some genius decided to post one of his alt's account log in information on the wiki. I didn't think it was real, but I didn't think I had anything to lose so I tried it out and, to my surprise, it actually worked. That account had been banned but I didn't think much of it. I went about my usual business and a few days later I found that my account had been banned for "sharing a computer with someone who was banned."

This stings for more than a few reasons. I've been the -perfect- poster in all of my years on the site. I had huge karma, and even if I wasn't a "known" user I read the site every day and occasionally would post. Zero moderated messages, but I get banned over this. Fine, nothing I can do, so I tried making a new account, but of course that one was put on Read-Only for the same reason. I had one alt, which was the one that was outright banned, and my main account was put on purgatory.


So my question, wiki, is: is there any hope that I'll be able to eventually post again? I can't make a new account since apparently my computer is flagged, and I can't use my regular account either. I tried submitting a feedback request form and got hit by a "You can't submit this because you've abused the system in the past.". Which is untrue but I ume it's because my account is ociated with GoddessRosal1na. Do I really need to drop GameFAQs entirely? I'm open to any solution that results in me being able to post again.


- Moohaha2

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