Natural Harmonia Gropius
N Smash
Species Human
Homeworld Unova
Series Pokemon
Affiliation Team Plasma/New Team Plamsa
Gender Effeminite
Natural Harmonia Gropius is the villain/rival/true hero of Pokemon Black and White. In Pokemon Black and White, Natural Harmonia Gropius led a group of PETA rejects to free all the Pokemon and TAKE OVER THE WORLD...I mean, be kind to Pokemon.

Why People Want HimEdit

Natural Harmonia Gropius isn't really wanted anymore, thanks to Pokemon Gen 6 coming around and Greninja being confirmed. But still, Natural Harmonia Gropius was one of the top picks before that.

Natural Harmonia Gropius is as confirmed as RidleyEdit

As we all know, Sakurai is avoiding using Ridleys name because he's a playable character and not a boss. Well, Sakurai sure is avoding Natural Harmonia Gropius's name too!

In which N becomes as confirmed as Ridley

Therefore, Natural Harmonia Gropius is as good as confirmed!
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