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Karma Level -1: Suspended For No Reason
Current Status Active
Gender Male
Nicknames and Alts Niels
King Of Hashtags


—Nielicus ☁

Nielicus is a relatively popular user, he likes to be trendy and take selfies like the average teen. His love for music shines throughout the GameFAQs community and he is arguably known for being troll. Nielicus is also the self proclaimed "King of Hastags."

Nielicus has a lot of close pals such as Shaniekua, Sylawatch, Seb, Pika, SmashingBros, Ghasts (his bae) and many more. quinformac and Nielicus often argue a lot but in the end are great friends. NintendoIsBeast is constantly showing his hatred for Nielicus despite Nielicus' efforts to become friends, although in a very weird and awkward way. ss4parrothair and Nielicus and officially besties.

Nielicus loves to say "LMFAOOOO" and is constantly laughing at the post of Trivio. In roleplays, Nielicus often takes the role of Male Wii Fit Trainer.

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