Despite common belief, NintendoIsBeast actually wants some characters to be playable. 5 to be exact.

Ringo Starr

here's a picture of Ringo Starr for no reason.

Toon ZeldaEdit

Toon Zelda is the y female that NI🅱🅱A wants to playable in smash. He mainly loves her for her body.

Mmmm..those ankles :D

Someone call Chris Hanson.

Dark PitEdit

Unlike most people, NI🅱🅱A thinks that Dark Pit can actually be unique due to the various weapons in Kid Icarus Uprising. He was wrong, but Dork Pot still got in.

Best edgy shota ever 10/10


Although Louie is a jerk in his series, NI🅱🅱A loves him for that reason. He's the bad-good guy that's suppose to be hated. Louie could utilise the Rock Pikmin in his move set even though he never used them ever.

Got caught for doing drugs


Psyduck is NI🅱🅱A's favourite platypus. And Pokemon. NI🅱🅱A doesn't allow his Psyduck in Pokemon X/Y to evolve because Golduck is stupid and ugly.


Psyduck when I went to the water gym in HG/SS


Although not likely in this game, NI🅱🅱A loved Splatoon ever since he got an erection after seeing the gameplay footage of it.

Inkling for Smash 5! Oh, she got in

Squids are my favorite animal

2/5 ain’t that bad!

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