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Okay, i believe you.

Ok I believe you is an unfunny funny meme created by El Chuni and uploaded to YouTube on December 15, 2017. It has become somewhat infamous due to people posting it on Smash Ultimate threads as a response to leaks of dubiously legitimate nature.


The origin of the meme comes from Youtuber Just A Pancake, who creates numerous videos parodying the Kingdom Hearts series. The titular scene in question occurs in the Kingdom Hearts- Birth By Sleep in a Nutshell video, uploaded on September 1, 2017. When Vanitas, Ventus's dark counterpart, appears instructing Ventus to go after Terra, the latter responds with a nonchalant "Ok I believe you". The joke would become a running gag in JaP's KH videos, being used to make fun of moments in the games where characters blindly go ahead with whatever someone else tells them, even if it is extremely obvious that they're being led into a trap. Later, El Chuni would upload an edited snippet of the video featuring only that line, clearing due to its memetic nature.

Spread to Smashfaqs[]

The meme did not spread far outside the KH fandom aside from those who stumbled upon it and watched it. It eventually reached the SmashFAQs community, however, when it started being posted in threads Up to and following Ultimate's release that were about outlandishly fake leaks, usually as a way of suggesting snark in response to the TC. While there is no written record of when the meme was first ever posted in the Smash Ultimate Board, the most frequent user of the meme is OfficialPotato, who has ironically never played a Kingdom Hearts game.. He is not the only one though, as other users have followed suit and taken to posting it as well. Often, if it already has been posted in the thread, people will instead simply quote the video link as their "response" to the topic, as a way of agreeing with the person who posted said video in the thread.

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