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PAC-MAN is one of the three newcomers revealed at E3 2014. He's the final third-party representative in the base game. By the time he was revealed, it was pretty clear that Snake's chances were dead. Namco/Sakurai went with his Original/PAC-LAND design because the modern design has the personality of a 10-year-old brat with zits, and everybody hates it. Plus, the redesigns of the ghosts are stupid and he has ugly friends. So Sakurai wanted to act like PAC-MAN died in 1986 to get as far away from it as possible. (And Pac-Pix is referenced.)

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Reveal Edit

Nearly everybody people saw this coming. Some people hated him before his reveal because they expected Ghostly Adventures but after the trailer and seeing him in action, most haters warmed up to the little circle and were hyped to play as him. PAC-MAN was the best reveal of E3 because he's PAC-MAN, man.

Moveset Edit

People were not expecting his moveset to be based around his earliest games such as PAC-LAND, Pac & Pal, Super PAC-MAN, and the original PAC-MAN. And his Up B is an homage to Mappy. Oh and his grab's from Galaga.

He could throw fruit

He could waka waka

He could make a fire hydrant appear out of thin air

He could do that flip kick from Pac Man World

He could turn into his pie chart form and spin

He could waka waka more

He could punch

He does what he wants



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