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PaleTunaPls is a regular visitor of the Smash Bros. for Wii U board among others

Smash BoardsEdit

PaleTunaPls doesn't post a lot of topics, but when he does, they're usually not very serious. He's doesn't participate in any RPs but he is a contributor to the community roster. REMEMBER THAT, THE COMMUNITY ROSTER, ANYONE?????


Who cares



SmashingBros and PaleTunaPls have some things in common, such as their mosted wanted newcomer being Palutena, and enjoying the best Smash bros. fanfic ever, Supper Smash Bros: Mishohn from God. The biggest thing they have in common is that they both admire Pale Tuna.

and other people I guess, don't want to add anyone and then have them be like "Ummm, who the are you??" because that'd be awkward.


  • His native language isn't English.
  • He's from Belgium
  • Received the official Austin_4e seal of approval on 5/25/14 
  • Voted for Bayonetta in the Smash Ballot AND STILL CAN'T BELIEVE SHE GOT IN!!!! 
  • He is currently engaged to Zephyr_Alastar 
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