Princess Peach Toadstool
Species Human
Homeworld Mushroom Kingdom
Series Mario
Affiliation Princess Who Is Terrible At Her Job
Gender Woman

I can't believe I got kidnapped…again.


Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is "wonderful" at being a princess, if you see what the standard of being a princess is nowadays in movies in video games, and you can't leave her cause you're the slave, fool.

Not to be confused with Pink Gold Peach.

Personality Edit


This has the personality of a warm, toasty loaf of bread. You can sum it up by painting the "hairs" on a mop yellow. She is very generic and is used to doing almost nothing to help. She sometimes helps, but she does not do much in the long run. She occasionally acts like a derp, and is stupid enough to let an over-protective old-as- Toad take care of her. The old geyser named Toadsworth that takes care of her is actually so over protective that if a single hair on her head is touched by something sharp, he'll have an ape panic attack then likely faint. This also doesn't know where a safe hiding spot from Bowser is, which is probably why she loses all of her Hide N Seek games. She also only knows only four days of the week, seven names of the months and can't count above thirty. She is a ed Princess.

Peach does not care about the haters though and they can check themselves, before they end up like Daisy. She is the iconic damsel in distress that manages to stay relevant, not like that Pauline hoe. And she will continue to claim that throne, no matter how hard Rosalina tries to reach for it. However, she is very rude, and very ugly and smells likes crap.

Kidnaps On A Daily Basis Edit

Peach's special talent is getting kidnapped, doesn't matter who she is kidnapped by. Her daily kidnapping ratio is the average of two kidnappings per day.

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