Pink Gold Peach
Species Goddess
Homeworld Rainbow Road
Series Mario
Affiliation The United Women's Club
Gender Female

Oooh, did I win?

—Pink Gold Peach


Pink Gold Peach is a heavily requested newcomer for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Even with Masahiro Sakurai saying implementing Pink Gold Peach would be impossible, many still request her presence.


Pink Gold Peach is a unlockable playable character in the Mario Kart games. She was a newcomer alongside the Koopalings and Honey Wiggler. She was born when Toadsworth created a clone of Peach from a chunk of her lips mixed with an ancient necklace made out of pink gold. Thus, her entire body is made up of pink gold, and she be rocking them diamonds for accessories.

Pink Gold Peach has gone on to play many important roles in other games. She appears in the Party games as a new host, even becoming a playable character in one of the latest installments. She is an unlockable ball in the Sports games, and even has a cameo appearance in the Metroid series.

Pink Gold Peach is one of the heaviest characters in the Nintendo universe. Despite this, she has a slender figure and moves with great agility.

She is commonly made fun of on the MK8 boards and any boards relating to Mario. People usually come up with fan characters such as 'Baby Pink Gold Funky Kong', 'Pink Dry Silver Baby Daisy' and 'Dr. Orange Silver Bowser Jr.', who always have a colour and metal in their name along with other "character variant" descriptors such as 'Dr.', 'Jr.', 'Baby', 'Dry', 'Dark' and even 'Zero Suit'. Pink Gold Peach was actually the one that spawned the idea of Dr. BPPGMTY Ridley IHSO and PHW Dr. PGDDBM Honey Queen IHSO IHZS IAL IISO. People are still waiting for Nintendo to announce the release DLC for MK8, they hope that DLC contains Green Silver Luigi and Orange Bronze Daisy.

Why Should She Be In Smash?Edit

Pink Gold Peach has accomplished many tasks in her life. She does much humanitarian work for the Homeless Toad Association and has donated over millions of coins to them. She has also signed a contract with Woohoo University that would allow them to study her composition once she has ped away.

She is also a boss .

Her design reportedly took three years to create for Mario Kart 8.[1] We doubt no other character in existence took this long to get created, you can basically see the heart and pion poured into the design of this character.

Trivia Edit

  • She is invincible.

A yearbook photo showing Pink Gold Peach's high school days.

  • She is blind.
  • She cannot eat.
  • She only has 1 outfit.
  • She dated Tabuu in high school, but left him when she found out he was a gaybo with butterfly wings.
  • She was originally just gold, but bathing in the blood of virgins gives her a lustrous pink sheen.
  • viewmaster_pi surmises she must be chocolate on the inside.
  • If Sakurai bias is anything to go by, then Dark Toon Metal Pit and Baby Pink Gold Paper Palutena will be newcomers in Smash 5.



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