Pink and Blonde Daisy
Species Daisyian
Homeworld Mushroom Kingdom
Series Mario
Affiliation The Plastic Surgery Society
Gender Female
Pink and Blonde Daisy is a strange, alternate version of Daisy. For some reason, she dyed her skin white, possibly in tribute to her hero, Michael "Hi, I'm Daisy" Jackson, and wears pink, poofy dresses.

Why The Change?Edit

Hi I'm Daisy

Pink and blonde Daisy, with her new butt implants.

It's most likely a manifestation of her inner rage. You see, boys and girls, when she was little her grandmother would take any girls wearing pink who ped by the castle, turn them into jerky, and use the jerky girls to beat Daisy's . This traumatized her, so now she tries to bring them back to life by cosplaying as them.


This is the only "incarnation of Daisy", that Michaeloll does not support nor officially recognize. It was the results of SalsaSavant's drunk mind, and Michaeloll refuses to acknowledge this as one of Daisy's incarnation to this day.

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