Princess Elise
Species Human/Porcelain/Iblis Trigger/Tilda Swinton
Homeworld Soleanna
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
Affiliation Beastiality


The Decline of the Series (debatably moreso than Krystal)

Gender Female

Princess Elise is the worst video game princess ever made, she tried to a corpse of an animal. Most agree that she is 17% of the reason why Sonic 06 sucked . Also, according to Jon Jafari, she looks like Tilda Swinton.

Why was she created? Edit

The only reason she was needed for the plot was to be the one to seal Iblis. Besides that, she's ing useless. She was so useless that Sega decided to keep her out of 50% of the plot by making her get kidnaped about 50000 times in the game. And when she isn't kidnapped, Sonic has to carry her through levels. She uses some magic to stop Sonic from sinking through the desert for some reason.

Why is she into bestiality? Edit

Because they killed off Blaze and didn't want to make Sonic x Amy cannon so they made Elise kiss Sonic. Also because she is that much of a .

Personality Edit

She has no personality. None. Sip. Zilch. Zero. Less than Peach. But the only thing we know is that she is heavily into love which means . Because love her = cock inside her and kissing. Also, she'll take any D, so she is in every fanbase known to man. Also, some people compare her to Bella from Twilight, because they are both supporters of bestiality and would do an animal not their species, plus they don't have personality for .


Her ugly face.

Her duck/octopus face Edit

Her face is super ugly. The Game Grumps describe it as an octopus face but others say it's a permanent Facebook duck-face. Whichever one it is, it sure is ugly. Also, she can't synch her lips to her words which is some form of medical disorder which is probably a big contributor to her ugly face. Her father also had her while he was becoming wrinkly and old so it is also another reason to why she must be ugly.

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