Professor Hershel Layton
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Series Professor Layton
Affiliation Gressenheller University
Gender Male

A true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved!

—Professor Layton

One of those characters that deserves to get in, but nobody really talks about.

Who the is that and why should they be in my Smash?Edit


The Professor, in all of his glory.

Starring in seven games and a movie, the Professor is the mascot of gaming company Level-5. All of his games are puzzle games, either DS or 3DS exclusive, and are amongst the best selling on either console. The movie is one of he better written game-based animes, but is sadly overlooked.

The Professor also has huge moveset potential involving the various puzzles, and has great stage, music and ist trophy potential. If he was first party, he would be in already. Unfortunately, people do not want him taking up a third party slot, and he therefore is never really discussed.

Known SupportersEdit

  • Yoshi2010 is Layton's biggest supporter. He is their most wanted newcomer and he has on several occasions campaigned for his inclusion. He is mentioned in his signature.
  • TopHattedTroopa is "The Official Professor Layton" of the boards back when said titles were given out. They still bring this up in their signature.
  • LordCarlisle admitted they wanted him badly.
  • Dedede Man says he is their tied most wanted with Ridley.
  • Theguysayhi is a constant supporter and has made half of Layton move set on one occasion in his discontinued series: "Theguysayhi's Moveset Remade" Link. (Which is very detailed, if a may say so my self).
  • RotomGuy3 is a Layton mega fan as well.
  • GL10
  • Davidk92
  • TheZuperHero
  • MegaPidgey
  • HerbertMcGee
  • leetic
  • kidmf935 doesn't think he'll happen but would not mind him at all and finds him to be one of the only remaining third-parties he'd like.


We have no idea. Don't even bother. It's kinda like Shulk's Twitter thing, but it's a lot more vague. Just see this topic for the whole story.


  • He's not Energyman.
  • Apparently he has a daughter as said in the sort of spinoff game Lady Layton. Literally no one is talking about this, and the silence can be taken as hatred or confusion of this information. Is she adopted? Is she biological? No one ing knows.
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