Welcome! This is the official QR Codes page! By using your Wii U or 3DS, you can download Miis created by people from the wiki!
HNI 0009

Dr. Pepper Guy Mii by energyman2289

HNI 0007

Captain Stabbin' Mii by energyman2289

HNI 0006

energyman2289 Mii by energyman2289

Arne-QR (1)

Arne Mii by Arne83

Arne-QR (2)

Slenderman Mii by Arne83

Arne-QR (3)

Obligatory Hitler Mii by Arne83

Arne-QR (4)

Egoraptor (Grump Face) Mii by Arne83

Arne-QR (5)

Danny Sexbang (Grump Face) Mii by Arne83

HNI 0010

Hank Hill by energyman2289

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