Account Created July 9, 2014
Karma Level 20: New User (2)
Current Status Active
Gender Unknown
Alts BigBootyR1dley
Nicknames Milady
Your Highness

QueenLUCiNA is a fabulous gimmick user that defends Fire Emblem to the death. This includes her "drawing her blade" and "impaling you" if say something stupid or just have a bad opinion. She will "sheath her blade" when she is done crushing your soul with her flawless words. You will never be as amazing as her.

She is so rich that you can't even comprehend how much ing money she has. Her cl is rich since no other cl can describe her greatness. She is expected to have an outing with Radori when the war on GameFAQs is finally over.

The creator of the account originally intended for it to exist to oppose GoddessRosal1na and defend the Niche Series However, since GoddessRosal1na doesn't post as much anymore, QueenLUCiNA just expresses her opinion on other controversial topics. 

Views on Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U and SakuraiEdit

While she expresses her opinions in a violent manner, QueenLUCiNA has an optimistic view on Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U and believes it will be the best Smash Bros to date. The Queen also trusts Sakurai to make a good game, not letting her opinions get affected by one bad roster choice.

Wanted NewcomersEdit

QueenLUCiNA highly supports these new characters to appear in SSB4.


Help me

Shaniekua (ZSS) and QueenLUCiNA (Lucina) fighting over NintendoIsBeast's love (Kirby).


NintendoIsBeast and QueenLUCINA are engaged for some reason.However the marriage won't be held until QueenLUCINA finishes the war.NintendoIsBeast would help his fiancée if he wasn't so cowardly


DefiantDestiny is a similar Lucina roleplayer (actually one of Svedeesh Cheff's alts) who similarly defends Niche Series and dislikes how the board seems to view Mario-like cartoony mascots, including Donkey Kong characters (i.e. the kinds of characters that GoddessRosal1na seems to favor) over the anime-like "niche" characters and "realistic" third-party characters like Ryu.


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