Every now and then, a user who thinks they are smarter than the guy making Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS will decide there is a way their favourite character can get in after all. Said user will then construct their mown roster. Nobody cares what he says or he says or she says, it is their roster! Full of their own mediocre at best choices. And they want you to rate it. To tell them how good it is. But don't you dare give it less than a seven out of ten, or you are trolling.

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Pnkgoldcatpeach's amazing roster

File:Smash 5 Roster.png

Justifications for Newcomers Edit

Captain Toad/Toadette- now we will have all the Mario characters and won't have to add any more

Blaziken- is the Gen 3 Charizard and isn't a character form Gen 1

Serperior- Bias

Dixie- she is actually appearing in her series unlike K Rool

Dark Samus- I want 3 playable Samus'

Impa- She is Sheik (good guess Kidmf935)

Tingle- Why the not? recurring character, check. popular in Japan, check

Dancer Lady- probably a main character from next FE and is not a blue haired swordsman

Isabelle- she is the Rosalina of Animal Crossings

Marshal- idk Rhythm Heaven is "popular" and it will make their fans shut up

Isaac- see Marshal but replace Rhythm Heaven with Golden Sun

Inkling- this is only if Splatoon isn't a bomb and continues as a series

Master Hand- Smash is a very popular and successful franchise and I think it deserves some representation so why not make the main recurring character playable?

Mii (generic)- Mii is now one moveset based on sports games and other media

Justification for Cuts/nonReturning Vets Edit

Jigglypuff- I ing hate this and get your head out of your nostalgic she isn't popular

Toon Link- I made a rule no clones allowed in my roster so I'm sorry Tink love ya but I'm afraid rules are rules. Also, Metroid is the only series that can have multiple of the same characters playable

Charizard- Side special to side special isn't a combo, dood

Lucas- sorry hun, your series is niche af and doesn't deserve more than Ness (even though I love Earthbound) also, if I were to add another Earthbound character it'd be Porky

Sheik- one off, is Zelda, Impa is pimpier

Ice Climbers- this game is nicher than EarthBound and who even liked this game? who? and whats even worse is it isn't a series, it is one awful game. Get that filth outta smash

Snake- lol


kid's rosters had he directed the Smash games in order (plus justifications): kidmf935 generally hates making rosters, because he hates trying to predict Sakurai. However, he does enjoy making rosters he knows will never happen that he'd do if in charge, so here they are! 

Note: For his primary roster, the one you're supposed to care about, skip to the bottom. At one point, he was put on the spot when pielover19 created a topic asking others how they'd make the rosters throughout the series if they had been in charge. He then proceeded to get to work. Below, the rosters, followed by the justifications.


In his words:


  • Kirby- Kirby simply needs a second rep at this point, and I'm not afraid of Kirby bias.
  • Star Fox- Falco's a clone, just like in Melee. But I'm pretty sure everyone likes Falco.
  • Fire Emblem- Same reason Sakurai added Roy. I go to IS asking for a rep, they say Roy


  • Zelda- Vaati was escalated to an all-time high in Minish Cap. He now has an easy body type to work with and good final smash potential with his form in Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures. Tingle isn't going anywhere, but he's not top priority because he's one of the few characters that could actually hurt the game if included, seeing as the US, a huge market, absolutely abhors him.
  • Metroid- Other M hasn't established Ridley as turning Samus into Batman yet, but the Prime series, combined with the main series, gave him a big enough role (pun intended if you want it to be) for me to decide he should be the second rep (I'm also not Sakurai- I actually would consider it).
  • MOTHER- Ninten means Lucas isn't needed, so I can use Lucas as a sacrifice to help ensure no cuts.
  • Pokemon- Without Jigglypuff and Pokemon Trainer, I was able to bring back Mewtwo and Scizor, add in Blaziken and Lucario, and add one slot to Lucas' pile to help ensure no cuts.
  • Retro- Due to bringing back everyone and the Ice Climbers losing relevance, there isn't room for a retro rep, R.O.B., the old characters, and the newcomers I want. The Ice Climbers, like Jigglypuff, aren't missed if no one thinks about them, and, in my alternate universe, no one would.
    I Direct the Final 3DS Roster (DLC 1)

    Red is unlockable, yellow is costume clone (AND unlockable), green is DLC.

And now that for 3DS is out, he's decided to direct that roster as well! Plus DLC as it's confirmed.



  • Daisy is an alternate costume clone instead of Dr. Mario, who never existed on the roster in this alternate world.
  • Taking the place of one of the Mii Fighters is Bowser Jr., who is locked. Since he is locked, Bowser moves up to the starting roser.


  • Palutena is promoted to playable in place of one of the Mii Fighters. Since she is unlockable, Pit ascends to the starting roster. Congratulations, Pit!


  • Despite Roy returning once more, Lucina remains an alternate costume clone.
  • Normally, I would keep Chrom instead of Robin, too, but as stated on the topic, the actual roster does influence mine a bit.


  • Zoroark is a Pokemon newcomer, as is Greninja (in place of another of the Mii Fighters). Greninja is on the starting roster while Zoroark is locked.


  • Isaac is promoted from unlockable to starting. No real reason, but it's been done before, and here it is being done again.


  • Taking the place of Dark Pit is the final alternate costume clone, Alph.



  • Andy is the first DLC character, in place of Mewtwo. The reasoning for this is that, as there were no cut veterans, newcomers are the top priority, and Andy represents one of Nintendo's oldest franchises to not yet have a playable character.

Just This RosterEdit

Here's his roster had he directed just this game coming off of Brawl. It's his primary roster and the one that you should skip to reading. So he doesn't know why he put the others above it. Warning: you won't like it.

I Direct U Roster

Gasp! He cut six unique newcomers to make room for four and veterans via porting over old data and easy cloning! BURN HIM AT THE STAKE! (Yellow outlines are costumes, red unlockable.)

(Yes, he did his best to presere the select screen order, hence why the Pokemon are in a peculiar location.)

Also, the Ice Climbers are not Wii U exclusive- the pair is, but Popo is on his own on the 3DS version (with Nana as an alt).

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