Prince fluff
I would've put a Ghirahim picture, but Prince Fluff is more unique.
Registered On October 7, 2012
Karma Level 458
Current Status Warned
Gender Male
Nicknames and Alts epic321, BULBIZARD, whomp_king

Regan145 hinted multiple times to the board that he wanted a page made for him. Unsurprisingly, everyone ignored him, so now he's made his own page. In Melee (his preferred game), he mains Peach and Mario, and in Brawl he mains Peach and Toon Link.

Newcomers he wants/wanted Edit

Lord Ghirahim Edit

Regan145 wants Ghirahim to be playable, which means he is part of this thing.

Prince Fluff Edit

Regan145 wants Metaknight to be cut for Prince Fluff. He is the only person that wants this.

Little Mac Edit

Regan145 wanted Little Mac to be playable, and now he is.

2nd Pikmin Rep Edit

Regan145 would also be happy if another character from the Pikmin series was playable, preferably the Plasm Wraith.

Ridley ssb4

Regan145 created this Ridley "leak". Everybody believed him.

Ridley Edit

Regan145 has never played a Metroid game other than the first few hours of Prime 1, but he still wants Ridley to be playable, 'cause he hates the "Ridley is too big" thing and he feels sorry for Ridley fans.

Small History Edit

He has like 3 alts, all that were used in an attempt to get fame. Nowadays he uses them when he wants to post something that he'll get in trouble for. For example, he used epic321 during the "My mom won't buy me this game" thing (or at least for some of it.)

Recently, due to Regan145's heavy involvement with the "My mom won't buy me this game" thing, he is now warned and he got like 19 karma taken off him.

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