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There have been a ton of Ridley sightings all over the world, either caught on tape or on camera. This page is dedicated to those sightings.


-PaleTunaPls's Ridley sighting story[]

I am not making fun of anyone because I am a farm boy myself this is not mocking it meant in fun, the truth is I believe Ridley exists! Well me an pawpaw and Lurleen we was fishin' down to the creek an we smelt somethin' real bad. I look over to the other side an' seen this big purple thing a just lookin' at me. It screams at us an I scream an' Pawpaw he says run an' git in the truck, so we drop our poles an ran. On the way back Pawpaw ask Lurleen if she wuz menestratin' an she told him she was an he says that's what drawed Ridley in. Later on, me an Lurleen was on the couch eatin' macarony an cheese an watchin' these migets on Jerry Springer an there was a big bang on the side of the trayler. I looks up over the couch an there he was, Ridley jus starin thru the tornt winder screen. Well let me tell you he scairt me bad. I grabs the shotgun an Ridley he lit off in the woods. Now we don't go to the outhouse at nite we jus use a big bucket.

Mikokiri's Ridley Sighting[]

While I was sitting on the couch, I yawned. And I saw something purple in the corner of my eye. The purple thing was in the shape of Ridley's tail and it came from the kitchen! The kitchen wen't blurry for a second and then it was normal! Ridley must be able to teleport!