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Ringo, jolly Ringo

I started in the late nineties with my computer art. While I was touring it gave me something to do in all those crazy hotels you have to stay in on the road.


Ringo Starr (Born Richard Starkey) is the 4th member of The Beatles and the best drummer they ever had. He has since his drumming career with the Beatles become one of the most popular and requested Super Smash bros. Wii U characters by such users as Waluigi7.

He is now an artist. Like, picture artist. You know what I mean.


Known Supporters[]


"Most of the titles for my pieces arrived because on computer you have to call them something , so I have. The easy way to look at it is, if it has a hat  on -  it will probably be called Hat Man" - Ringo 2005    

"In its way "Pop" art is always changing - like "Pop" artists. It's a natural move of things like pop music and even Popeye the sailor man." - Ringo 2005

"I like Rembrant, VanGogh, Shonberg, Condo, Nall, Max, the list is endless"' '- Ringo 2005

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