Species Space Human
Homeworld The Cosmos
Series Mario
Affiliation Hentai Cultists
The Royal Family of the Cosmos
Gender Female

I will watch over you from beyond the stars.


Rosalina is a newcomer in the Super Smash Bros series. She is also known as Blue Peach Clone Thing and Bitch That Stole Daisy's Spot. She is "Queen" of the Cosmos and will always watch over you like the thirsty cougar she is.

She used to be a ginger when she was a little girl, but decided to dye her hair after an intoxicated Lubba told her he liked blondes better after a one-night stand. She has spent thousands of years in space since she only visits earth every one hundred years, which is complete bull because she keeps coming down to participate in games with Mario and his friends. This makes her about 1000 years old in terms of human years? Sounds about right.


She only seems to have a personality as a child. As a grown-up, she is just a quiet and very relaxed woman and dats it. No, I'm serious. But she still slays.

Why Does She Have More Priority over Daisy?

Bcaz galaxy is bust gammmm evar. And Daisy is too busy deciding her outfit and being a useless whore.

Gallery of Rosie's Wrists


  • She's the opposite of Charizard in the sense that more of her fans are bigger Smash fans than Mario fans, as a lot of Mario fans hate her for Nintendo's shoving her down everyone's throats (plus her getting in over more important Mario characters, although this was somewhat rectified with Bowser Jr. Despite that, though, some Mario fans retain that she still shouldn't have been playable).
  • The universe is underneath her dress, but she's in the universe herself. Technically speaking, she can lick her own privates. That's pretty gross.
  • She appears to be the result of the King of All Cosmos having a drunken one-night-stand with one of his other nieces.
  • She's a hidden playable character in Madden NFL 07.
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