This is our official Luigi. This is what you all allowed to happen.
Registered On July 24, 2003
Karma Level 35: Idol
Current Status Active
Gender Luigi
Nicknames and Alts Princess-Lucina

Ryoukai is a veteran of the GameFAQs Super Smash Bros. Boards, having been around since the early pre-Brawl days. He was a lurker back then, so most people probably don't remember him, but he ures you, he was there. He is currently a semi-active member of the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U community, posting occasionally but rarely, if ever, making his own topics.


Ryoukai was almost exclusively a lurker in the pre-Brawl days. Following the release of Brawl, he left and never looked back. Then, one day, a new Smash Brothers game was announced, and Ryoukai made sure he was there the day the board was born. He was still a lurker, but he knew he would grow to enjoy his new home.

When the community was still young, he would occasionally post to help things along. Slowly but surely, he began posting more until he became a regular. He has never made a roster, however he has been supporting Palutena's inclusion since the board's inception.


,Ryoukai is sane, and is capable of seeing all sides of an argument. He favours logic over all else when he argues a point. He's usually very calm and collected when speculating, but if he's had a bad day, he might feel the need to call you out on your crap. All in all, he's a pretty nice guy who tries to be helpful more than anything else.

He also likes anime, but not in a creepy or obsessive way. He just happens to know a lot about the topic. Similarly, he likes and knows a lot about Nintendo franchises. You will mostly find him in Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem or Pokemon topics.

He is a worshipper of Palutena, as well as her counterpart, Paletuna. He is also strongly in favour of Lucina/Chrom, Shulk and Mewtwo. He would like Snake to return. Other characters he likes include Isaac, King K. Rool and Ridley. He absolutely loathes the idea of Mii being playable, and some of that hatred has led him to despise the concept of Miis themselves. He also doesn't want to see Pac-Man in this game.


Got some friends, got some people I'm acquainted with, and I got some people I don't really like. That's about as far as it goes.




  • Has no strong feelings about Ridley one way or another
  • Palutena was his most wanted. Lucina was a long shot request. Shulk is now his most wanted.
  • Does not fit neatly into casual or competitive
  • Has played the series since its first entry
  • His main in all 3 games is Captain Falcon
  • Is the Official Luigi of the SSBU Board
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