Species Cat
Homeworld Sakurai's House
Series The Sakurai Series
Affiliation Making Ridley A Boss
Gender Female

Sakurai's cat is the most adorable little thing out there. Many consider him the greatest cat who has ever lived or will live in the past, present and future. Ridley ain't got on him. He will rule the world one day among with other cats.


  • It is rumored that Sakurai's cat is the one who actually develops the game, and that Sakurai is just his puppet. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to refute this.
  • Miiverse, at one stage, thought his cat died. But there was nothing that supported this information. Plus this is Miiverse we're talking about, so absolutely nothing it thinks should be taken at face-value.
  • Sakurai's cat also has its paw in Super Mario Maker, confirming its role in developing Super Mario Maker.
  • The cat is a good cat. Dogs are good in their own way.


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