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Save a Smasher is a legendary series brought to the board by Yoshi2010. It is an elimination game that is REALLY addictive and lasts for a very very very long time. They hit 500 posts at an alarming rate too! The first game lasted a total of 6 topics until the 2 final remaining smashers faced off in a separate 1v1 poll. A spinoff of Save a Smasher, titled Save a Newcomer, has also been created. Save a Smasher 2, featuring all the confirmed playable characters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U is planned.

Save a Smasher[]

The first Save a Smasher began on 7/29/2014 at 11:35:00 PM CET, started by Yoshi2010, featuring 58 contestants. The first game's threads are found at:


These were the following results of Save a Smasher. The numbers next to the two finalists state the amount of votes they received in the final poll:

1. Lucina, Challenger of Fate (33)

2. Jigglypuff (22)

3. Charizard

4. Princess Zelda

5. Mii Sword fighter (Isaac)

6. Ness

7. Kirby

8. Marth

9. Yoshi

10. Rosalina

11. Ike

12. Lucas

13. Pichu

14. Wolf O'Donnell

15. Pikachu

16. Pit

17. Captain Falcon

18. Bowser

19. Goddess Palutena

20. Link

21. Robin


23. Sonic the Hedgehog

24. Meta Knight

25. Lucario

26. R.O.B.

27. Olimar

28. Little Mac

29. Ice Climbers

30. Princess Peach

31. Zero Suit Samus

32. Solid Snake

33. Villager

34. Mario

35. Mega Man

36. Mii Brawler

37. Falco Lombardi

38. Luigi

39. Greninja

40. Samus

41. Roy

42. Mii Gunner

43. King Dedede

44. Sheik

45. Fox McCloud

46. Pac-Man

47. Mr. Game & Watch

48. Donkey Kong

49. Dr. Mario

50. Mewtwo

51. Diddy Kong

52. Squirtle

53. Toon Link

54. Young Link

55. Wario

56. Ivysaur

57. Wii Fit Trainers

58. Pokémon Trainer

Save a Newcomer[]

A spinoff of the Save a Smasher series that involves a bunch of newcomers to the Smash series, was either highly requested or highly hated. The first topic was posted on 8/2/2014 at 12:13:07 AM CET, started by Patwhit01, featuring 49 contestants.

Save a Smasher 2[]

The next planned game in the Save a Smasher series, featuring all the playable characters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.


Pichu is love, Pichu is life.


  • Save a Smasher Part 5 is the fastest 500 in SmashFAQs history, with a record of 47 minutes.