Species Hylian
Homeworld Hyrule
Series The Legend of Zelda
Affiliation Sheikah
Gender Probably the most heavily argued thing in the Zelda series other than the timeline. You do not want to go there.



Sheik is an irrelevant ninja that should be cut. Sheik is also a totally fair character.

Why Should Sheik be Cut?Edit

Because she's irrelevant and a one-off, Hyrule Warriors doesn't count, and since she is no longer a transformation of Zelda, she has no reason to remain in Smash.

Unique moveset, people that like her, grandfather clause, what? Who cares about that stuff? Smash Bros. is about Nintendo now.

And we can just convert Sheik's current move set to Impa, an ACTUAL Sheikah and Ninja... Bitch.


No one knows Sheik's true gender. While some people say male, they are all s and should be burned at the stake, because Sheik has been confirmed to be female multiple times. I mean, it's in the name. SHEik. And, while my memory banks fail, I think they call sheik a 'She' in Hyrule Warriors.

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