Species Shulp
Homeworld Ylom
Series Xenophone Chrobicles
Affiliation Sharknado
Gender Male

Shulp is an exotic dancer who is better known as Chrob's less-popular cousin from the popular game Xenophone Chrobicles.

He is a giant sentient Kool-Aid Man-like being, but with orange juice, and he wields the real Monado, not Shulk's fake- plastic piece of .

Origin Edit

On July 6, 2014, NotSnowske created a moveset of Shulp, despite never playing Xenophone Chronicles. Hours later, LethalAffinity made a post asking what type of character Shulp was. This was the beginning of the reign of Shulp.

Potential Moveset Edit

Made by NotSnowske

A moves: Punches with mercy because he's the good guy. He also does these kicks with his leg and his other leg. One of his moves is a shoryuken to hit people up.

B: Xenophone Chronicles Laser: He shoots a laser made of energy from the game and it doesn't do zero damage, provided it hits the opponent. 

Side B: Chokeslam: I think he has a sword but we'll save that. So he grabs them by the neck and slams them, it's like 's but without the rush and it's much weaker but better animated. When he does this he yells "SHULP CHOKESLAM!!"

Down B: Sword Cut: He swings his sword at the enemy and cuts them on impact, they fly away and he laughs a bunch at them.

Up B: Helicopter: Shulp gets his helicopter and flies back to the stage. He holds the helicopter with one hand, Press A repeatedly to make him throw his swords at other players with homing properties.

Final Smash: Resurrection Butterfly -50% Reflowering-: Shulp stops being dead because there's this tree he's actually under and he shoots many, many bullets at folks. If you outlast the move you do not die but might take damage.

Taunt 1: He jumps and does a backflip, before smiling devilishly.

Taunt 2: He puts his sword away and rubs his hands together while snickering. He is scheming evilly.

Taunt 3: He doesn't even.

Trivia Edit

  • Shulp's best friend is Monado.
  • Shulp is in the same tier as Bowser, Marth, Mii-Kämpfer, Velstadt, Wario, and Ike.
  • It is unknown if Shulp has any hair.
  • Not to be confused with Shulk or *shudders* Shulb.
  • Shulp has a pet named Narutopon Reggi. He may be an ist trophy or item.
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