Registered On Thursday, August 22, 2013
Karma Level 267
Current Status Active
Gender Male
Nicknames and Alts Skull

Skull56789 is a unique individual with a keen interest in the Legend of Zelda. His inspiration comes from the Skulltulas, as they are his kin and embraces his heritage. He's an avid fan of obscure characters such as Daisy, Yuga, and others, but also has a deep love for Prince- "QUEEN" Peach. He mainly lurks on the board, reading his opponents moves and learning defensive maneuvers from trolls, but when he does post it's usually common and plain. Michaeloll has branded him as a "Fake Daisy fan", due to liking Daisy but accepting the fact that she ain't getting in, while liking Rosalina. He dabbles in Moveset competitions from time to time. He's tagged several users (don't ask who,boo), and is overall a typical user minus the trolling and RidleyK.RoolMewtwo fangirling like the majority of the board. Anything related to Peach is sacred to him, including Pink Gold Peach, whom he supports as well. Demon Lord Ghirahim is one of his most wanted newcomers, as he shall suffice for the loss of the great and wise Skull Kid. He is extremely against the Chorus Men, but wouldn't mind Marshall.

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