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Skull Kid
File:Skull Kid.png
Series Zelda
Gender Male

He's comin' into Ultimate as a Playable fighter!

Skull Kid is a ist trophy that appeared in ssb4. When the moon was announced to be a ist thropy in Ultimate, does this means that he is a playable? NOPE!

please put him in smash i am BEGGING you PLEASE put him in smash i will do ANYTHING


  • He wears a mask in the game Majora's Mask and spin-offs.
  • In his first announcement as a ist trophy in ssb4, Sakurai aggressively states that he is a ist trophy, not a fighter.
  • Andree123 has actually predicted that there is no direct on September 6 which it happened by the MOTHERING EARTHQUAKE IN JAPAN, so it leaves out him predicting that Skull Kid will kill Kirby in the trailer.