Registered On October 29, 2007
Karma Level 36: Ancient
Current Status Active
Gender Male
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SmallerRidley's ProfileEdit

A complete buzzkill in almost every way possible. Usually posts in topics immediately or very early on, declaring some supposedly infallible logic that discourages the entire thread from continuing, thus leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

Quite possibly one of the most annoying "voice of reason" posters to ever exist, SmallerRidley ruins nearly every topic he posts in much to the dismay of many colorful and creative contributors to the board. Never have one liners been so bad.

Ghast's Thoughts On HimEdit

Disregard all of the above. SmallerRidley is a sweetheart. He is extremely helpful and is just very lovable as a person. He usually posts heartwarming topics, and can be a beautiful person once he opens up to you. Furthermore, he PMs you sweet nothings if you send him a friend request. I love SmallerRidley with all of my heart and soul. Please stop degrading his page.

Some Other User's Thought On HimEdit

Don't actually disregard any of the above. SmallerRidley is my boytoy and I blindly defend everyone who gives me a blowjob.



SmallerRidley is tsundere for him because he wishes he were him.

Who He Argues WithEdit

SmallerRidley argues with pretty much any and everyone from Michaeloll, to sylawatch, to Bellagio, and of course geno4life.

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