The guy they all had a hard on for.

The main rival of GameFAQs, SmashBoards claims to be the largest collection of Smash fans in the world. And I'm a Mankey's uncle.


Whilst GameFAQs is more causal focused, SmashBoards is more for competitives, i.e. don't say Brawl is better than Melee if you don't want a Wavedash to the face. Also, you're allowed to discuss Project M there (it even has its own boards) even though it clearly states in the Terms and Rules you can't discuss illegal hacks. Double standards as usual. Hole in one, SmashBoards, hole in one.


This is the Prince of Sablé. Don't tell me you knew who he was before. Nobody did.

One thing that stands SmashBoards out is that they all wanted The Prince of Sablé as a retro rep. When he was deconfirmed, their version of the Ridley Nuke went off.

Things we have to thank them forEdit

  • That Smash Roster Maker Program.
  • Deconfirming the Awkward Leak.

Users who have both a GameFAQs and SmashBoards accountEdit

Trivia Edit

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