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Registered On April 2008
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Nicknames and Alts Blujae
That guy that really hates Geno

Smashburb is a user mostly known for being kind of a head (especially by supporters of Ashley, Shantae, and Isaac in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate speculation, and Ridley in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS speculation), and a troll on the Mario Kart 8 GameFAQs board prior to its release, as a diehard supporter of Wiggler and Honey Queen. He can also be spotted on boards for Mario RPGs prior to their release, usually arguing with greatdimentio's friends in greatdimentio's complaint threads, since GD himself has Burb on ignore.

Normally one of the most hated people in GameFAQs' Smash community for his abrasiveness and unpopular opinions, he became a martyr of sorts during The Night of Loz, where he played a key role in outing loz18 and the Mimique Valley Discord server. Originally thought to be banned for this, he would wind up being put on Purgatory for little over a week instead.

He was one the few detractors of the Grinch Leak and believers of the Box theory, something he has become very smug about after having been proven right on both.

Also, he's openly gay and a furry.

Arrest, Brrest, and Crrest[]

On April 20rst, 6969 someone voiced their support for Gino from the hit webseries Khonjin House, BurbyBoi, mistaking this for Geno from Genogenogenogeno Rare Pig Gonades, became so enraged that he broke into the Gino supporters house and bit off his . This -biting got SmashBurb thrown in jail for exactly 27 minutes. during this time he was raped, something Burb enjoyed immensely.

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