SmashFAQs Against Humanity is the official "name" for when Smash users play Cards Against Humanity. It was formed by energyman2289 and quinfordmac.


One day, Quin wanted to play some Cards Against Humanity. Seeing as energyman was cool, Quin decided to ask Matt to a game of CAH. Matt said yes, and they began requesting users. Of them, only two joined. Hope seemed to be lost.

energyman2289: We ing failed

Quin: We failed spectaculary

energyman2289: We had hours to get people and we failed


—energyman2289 and quinfordmac on their failure to get people for SmashFAQs Against Humanity

However, Quin sacrificed not one, not two, but THREE ALTS to make topics drawing attention to the server. Many soon joined afterwards.

The Original 4Edit

These were the first SmashFAQs Against Humanity players, in the order they joined:

The Current 4 Edit

These are the main contributors to the current SmashFAQs Against Humanity group:

  • taoxadasa
  • Kira-senpai
  • SpideyNumber1
  • Thatrandomguy00

Current Server Edit


List of decks always used Edit

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