These are the cliques found on the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U board on GameFAQs. Please do not edit the list if you are not part of any of these groups. It should be noted that none of these images accurately represent the cliques.

Bomb SquadEdit

The Bomb Squad was formed from the crew consisting of Radori, Bellagio, GoddessRosal1na, and MandyMooMoo. It is unknown where the name game from. 

500 AchieversEdit


The 500 Achievers are the users who have created topics that have reached 500 posts.



The Royals are the users who are considered royalty. The often have tea parties.

The PlasticsEdit


The Plastics are the Queen Bees of the boards. They're the siest around and do not talk let anyone mess with them. You cannot sit with them.

Union of YouthEdit

The Union of Youth is a group of younger users that represent the SmashFAQs community. Their page can be found here!

True Love Boyfriends 5EverEdit


These two are best boyfriends forever. They love each other very much and often have pionate .

Animea Removal Conference Edit

Remove Animea Safe for Forums Version

Established by iron610 in memory of a friend permabanned on a completely different forum. They do things regarding the removal of "animea", protesting its presence in the game. Result of the overthrown "Dank RP Senate."

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