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Account Created January 21st, 2014
Karma Level 31: Veteran
Current Status Active
Gender Male

SmashingBros is a lurker of the Smash Bros. Wii U board and an active member of the community. He is also one of the best users on the board.

Smash Boards[]

SmashingBros lurks around the Wii U board, where he posts very frequently, though topics from him are rare.

He semi-frequently brings up Pale Tuna, as seen in his signature. SmashingBros enjoys participating in BarrabaCHHS' Ms. Frizzle topics as well.

SmashingBros is a common participant in Rasumii's "Smash Bros Mafia" games, having been a character in 2 (R.O.B.,) 3 (King Dedede,) 4 (Toad,) and 5 (Snake.)

He is also an avid contributor of the Community Roster.


I don't know. Really, I'm awful and self-important.



Shaneikua is SmashingBros' favorite poster and best friend on GameFaqs. He greatly admires Shaneikua and frequently joins in her troll topics. SmashingBros has vowed to always have her back.


SmashingBros enjoys BarrabaCHHS' Miss Frizzle topics and joins in with the joke, sometimes referring to it in other topics as well.


SmashingBros is a common participant in Rasumii's mafia games. He and Rasumii frequently discuss events that happen in game, and as such get along quite well.


PaleTunaPls is SmashingBros' "brother" in the art of Pale Tuna-ing. They share Palutena as their most-wanted newcomer, as well as enjoyment from the stupendous story "Supper Smash Bros: Mishohn from God."


LordCarlisle and SmashingBros are on good terms. Though they disagree on each other's character choices, the two are somewhat civil and get along well.


Estheimaster shares many opinions with SmashingBros, the two frequently posting nearly the same thing within seconds of each other. They're known as "Smash Bros!"


SmashingBros admires Mikokiri greatly and enjoys her posts, despite their differing opinions on Frozen. However, he doesn't interact with her very often.

Austin 4e[]

Austin_4e and SmashingBros get along well. The two share near identical taste in newcomers. Austin was also his first friend on the board.


Energyman2289 and SmashingBros get along well and are pretty good friends. They, along with Mikokiri, are both members of Union of Youth.


For a while, SmashingBros and NIB seemed to disagree on just about everything. They later found out they have a lot in common, such as being a ual.


  • SmashingBros was one of the first users of the Pale Tuna meme, spanning back to when he first changed his sig to its current form in January 2013.
  • His most-wanted newcomers are Ridley, Prince Fluff, Dixie Kong, King K. Rool, Tetra, K.K. Slider, and Lip.