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Registered On February 19, 2009
Karma Level 34 : Bull er
Current Status Behind you
Gender Male
Nicknames and Alts Get That Clothes Off Me

I understand that you think your farts smell like fresh cut roses. I hope one day you can come to terms with the fact that they smell ranker than a rotting deer on a backroad.

—soothsayer77 to Vyers

soothsayer77 is a dude that posts on the Smash Bros. 4 message board fairly often to p time and observe reactions.

His posts usually consist of one of a few things, or a combnation of:

  • Bull .
  • Bull with a purpose.
  • Insults that are deserved.
  • Snake.
  • Why you suck because you don't like Snake.

soothsayer77 actually does feel as though he has great logic and conversation skills, but also understands that both of those traits are almost completely useless on GameFAQs, and seemingly only expresses these at fairly rare times. Usually involving some twerp that thinks Snake should be cut for Simon Belmont.

As time has gone on, soothsayer77's mind has progressively deteriorated patiently waiting for Snake's confirmation in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS and witnessing so much horrible GameFAQs logic. In turn, most of his posts now are bull or bull with a purpose, intended to hopefully start more bull .  

soothsayer77's bull was the catalyst that transformed the "I gotta say " topic into something else entirely. With the istance of other users such as Austin 4eWaluigi7, Charizard18, Master_Radori, Hinky_P, and gradually a slew of others, the topic reached legendary bull levels. soothsayer77 had also been know to use the following phrase first said by viewmaster_pi : "I don't know why you're coming in so hot at me, but you can check that 'tude at the door." as much as possible. When soothsayer77 first saw this posted in an argument, he thought the phrase was "The hardest GameFAQs to GameFAQs", and was entranced by its beauty. However, as soothsayer77 progressively realized how truly dumb viewmaster_pi is, he has slacked off with the phrase because he doesn't find it as fun anymore.

If Snake is actually revealed to be cut from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, Soothsayer77 will probably just hate every user on the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U GameFAQs board.