Species Twin Blade
Homeworld The World
Series .hack
Affiliation Player Killers
Gender Male

Sora (not to be confused with Sora Ltd.) is an annoying little from the .hack series.

Who is Sora? Edit

Have you ever played an online game like Counter-Strike or TF2 and come across some whiny little five-year old screaming about how he had with your mom? Yeah, that's what Sora is like. Sora is called a "PK". And no, that has nothing to do with Ness. He's a "Player Killer" which means that he walks up to other people with really OP and kills them for lulz. In other words, he's like an MMORPG equivalent of Xodarhis. In other words, he's an obnoxious ing hole that nobody likes. Seriously, nobody likes him. Let me paraphrase the wiki. "He is an outlaw, hated by many". This isn't some opinion. It's fact. It's posted on the wiki. And that's not some biased like all the articles on here, that just outright ing stated that that is canon. Everyone hates Sora. EVERYONE. Except Miiverse, for some reason. On Miiverse, there are tons and tons of requests for this er. Not as much as Goku, but he's still up there. Hell, he's even in Super Smash Flash 2, but he's some spiky-haired kid with a giant key. Sora doesn't have spiky hair. Or a giant key.

Why does Miiverse want Sora in Super Smash Bros.? Edit

Because Miiverse.

Trivia Edit

  • Sora went up against the Chorus Kids in the GameFAQs Most Wanted Newcomer competition. And won. What the .
  • MEGA SPOILER ALERT: Nobody wants this Sora for Smash. The Sora of Kingdom Hearts is who we're talking about here.

Gallery Edit


Sora after getting buzzed with DeZA


Sora's player. He looks like Shinji from Evangelion, so he's probably jacking off to unconscious chicks, too.


For some reason, this is what Sora looks like in SSF2.

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