Spyro the Dragon
Species Dragon
Homeworld Dragon Kingdom
Series Spyro the Dragon and The Legend of Spyro
Affiliation Artisan Kingdom, Dragons
Gender Male

Guys, Smash Bros needs a certain purple dragon...

—Thousands of GameFAQs topics made by people who think that they're the first one to come up with the joke.

Spyro is the most requested purple dragon for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and much more requested than this guy since he got confirmed. He has appeared in two seriesb- Spyro the Dragon and The Legend of Spyro. There is a common urban legend that there was a video-game called "Skylanders" that would star Spyro, But has been debunked since its beginning. He is also the most adorable purple dragon ever.

Possible moveset Edit

Neutral B could be his flame breath. He also possesses ice and bubble and electric breath so any of those could be his custom moves.

Down b can be a mega headbutt to the ground since he does this I think.

Side B could be his charging move.

Up B could be a 'struggle hover' since he will probably have multiple jumps due to his wings. I played Enter the Dragonfly and this struggle hover thing is activated by pressing Triangle any time during a glide to give him a tiny bit more height incase your glide has sent you downward too much to reach that ledge you almost missed you noob.

A moves (ground) can do with his horn and tail and maybe claws. Air moves can do with his wings and tail.

Ruined image Edit

Ever since he moved from the PS1, he slowly became . Enter the dragonfly at least tried to keep to the original formula but was ruined by tedious firefly catching and loading screens almost as bad as Sonic 06. That heroes game was bad because you got lost easily and didn't know the objective most of the time, and when new beginning came around, everything became, and you had useless combat moves since you were just gonna spam your flame power anyway and ram into . Also, Mikokiri never got ped the training level. You know, where this elder dragon tells you to press a combo of buttons on some dummies? Yeah, that. Then every game after that was so ing that they never get talked about. Then this mysterious game called Skylanders made their own Spyro to use just so the game would sell more. Now Skylanders is milking the out of itself by becoming a COD-like game series. AKA releasing a new game every year with minor changes but new items (skylanders in this case). Giants was meh, Swap force was and the new one, Tag Team or some, will be a filled toilet that refuses to flush.

Of course Skylanders doesn't exist. Nope nope nope. nopnopnopnopnopnonopnonnopnnonponpnonpno*cries internally*

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